Quick List

Welcome to the Meathaus Quick List. We thought we’d take the madness out of your daily physical shopping… so we created this “quick list” of popular items to fill your shopping bag. Simply tick the item/s you want (and adjust your quantity) and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “ADD TO CART“. Too Easy !

Image Product Price Quantity Buy
Whole Chicken Ingham Size 30 Twin Pack K85.00
Whole Chicken Tegel Size 14 Single K27.50
Whole Chicken Tegel Size 14 Twin Pack K52.00
Whole Chicken Ingham Size 30 Single K45.00
Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce 275g K12.50
FRZN Party Pies x 30 K75.00
Beef Stir Fry 500g K29.25
Smoked Shoulder Bacon Sliced 500g K15.75
Square Sandwich Ham Sliced 500g K12.50
Thin Beef Sausage 500g K10.00
Gourmet Apple Cider Sausages 500g K15.00
Thin Pork Sausage 500g K10.00
Gourmet Beef Herb & Garlic Sausages 500g K15.00
Saveloy Sausages Bag 4.5kg K50.00
Gourmet Boerewors Sausage 500g K15.00
Thick Beef Sausage 500g K10.00
Gourmet Chicken Sausages 500g K15.00
Thick Pork Sausage 500g K10.00
Gourmet Chorizo Sausages 500g K15.00
Chicken Bacon 500g K17.88
Gourmet English Pork Sausages 500g K15.00
Corn Silverside Sliced 500g K24.75
Gourmet Tomato & Onion Beef Sausages 500g K15.00
Double Smoked Leg Ham Sliced 500g K20.95
Chicken Roll 900g K12.00
Pepperoni Salami Sliced 500g K24.00
Luncheon Roll 2kg K23.00
Pepperoni Salami Whole (Per KG) K44.99
Pizza Toppings 500g K9.98
Smoked Bacon Pieces 500g K14.95
Smoked Bacon Rindless 2kg K72.00
Smoked Bacon Rindless 500g K22.98
Cream Buns 4 Pack K6.50
Porterhouse / Sirloin Steaks 250g K21.88
Lamb Rump Whole & Boneless 500g K35.00
Whole Chicken Tegel Size 28 (Min 2.7kg) K68.00
Garlic Bread Twin Pack K10.00
Rump Steak 500g K36.28
Lamb Shoulder Roast (Boneless, Rolled & Netted) 1.5Kg K94.43
Chicken Thigh Fillet 500g K24.00
Hamburger Rolls 6 Pack K7.50
Scotch / Rib Eye Fillet Steaks 300g K25.50
Pork Belly (Bone In) 500g K21.50
Mini White Sliced 450g K3.50
Culinary Cream 1ltr K28.50
Pork Cutlets 500g K23.00
Mogels Seed Bread Sliced K12.00
Whipping Cream 1Ltr K27.25
Pork Leg Chops 500g K19.00
Multigrain 900g K7.95